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Rick at Peoria Library, Peoria, Arizona Mon 22nd September 2014 by Myrna Foster 

Hello again,

Well, it still feels like we are in a time warp, and now the world has become a more dangerous place. I hope that, wherever you are, you are safe and well. Some things haven’t changed, the arts, in all forms, are still being destroyed, along with jobs and livelihoods.

As you know, all of my dates here in the UK, for folk clubs, care homes, Women’s Institutes, and many others, were cancelled, which left a very empty calendar. I have now managed to play a couple of dates, and one or two are now creeping back in, but there are still no guarantees. Breaking my toes in a fall didn’t help matters, but I’m still doing the exercises.

On a positive note, I have played a couple of gigs recently, and it was great to be out performing again. I had a great evening at Loughton Folk Club, where I played on Thursday 3rd March. There were some new and familiar faces, as well as some old friends and the atmosphere was great. It’s thanks to Gary and Jennifer for keeping the club ticking over, through some very trying times. The club meets on Thursdays, at the Loughton Club, 8 Station Road, Loughton, Essex. Doors open at 7.30pm.

I also have a return booking at Wivenhoe Folk Club, on Thursday 6th October. This another really friendly club, and they meet at The Royal British Legion, The Quay, Wivenhoe, Essex at 8pm. Tel: 01206 827759. It would be really good to see you there.

On Thursday 28th April, at 12.30pm, as I do every year, I will be attending a memorial to commemorate Workers' Memorial Day, out of respect for the thousands of people who have been seriously injured, or lost their lives, just through doing their everyday job. It is important that this annual event is not forgotten.

Sorry, but I am still not sending out my newsletters, as there are so few dates to warrant doing so. I will resume sending them as soon as dates start to pick up again.

Meanwhile, It’s About Time, the album, is still available, along with my other recordings, via the website (PayPal). Make sure you get your copy, to help me compensate for the lack of gigs.

Thanks for supporting live music over the years, and I hope you will continue to do so, when all this is over. Until then, take care of each other, stay safe, and to all my friends in Arizona, I still have no idea when I am likely to see you all again, but I will see you again, that’s a promise.


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